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College Rules

The following are the rules of the college


Before a student is admitted to the college he or his guardian, if he is below 18 years of age has to sign an undertaking in the proper form to the effect that the student will be abide by the rules of the college.


Each student must register in the college office his/her address at which he/she is staying. He/she must also inform to the office  any subsequent change in address.


All written applications relating to students grievance should be routed through  the office during 10.30 am to 12.30 pm which will be placed  before the Principal for consideration.    The Principal’s office is open to all students from 11.00 a.m. to  12.30 p.m. everyday. They are  free to ventilate their grievances directly to  the Principal regarding various issues of the college.


All students who wish to remain on leave from the college must apply for it before proceeding on leave. In special cases such as illness where it is not possible to obtain permission for leave in advance an application should be sent by post or  submitted immediately on return from leave.

Private Club or Teams

Students of the college are forbidden (i) from being members of outside athletic club  or society or (ii) playing for any team other than the college teams without taking prior permission of the Principal in writing.

Accompaning the College team outside Cuttack

When a team of students is deputed by the college away from Cuttack on any reason, members of the team  must obtain leave from the Principal before their departure. The hostel boarders  must also obtain the permission of the Superintendent of the hostel to this effect.

Identity Card

Each student of the college is issued  an Identity Card to testify the status as a student of Ravenshaw Junior College.  Students are advised to carry their Identity Cards every day to the college. Loss of Identity Card should be reported to the Principal immediately. A duplicate Identity Card can be issued on payment of a fee of Rs. 5/- and on production of clearance from the College Library.


Prescribed uniform is mandatory for the students. Informal / causal dress is not allowed in the classroom or examination hall.


  1. Cycles  and two wheelers must be double locked and kept in the  sheds or places specified for the purpose.  The authority will not  be responsible for loss of cycle  & vehicle.
  2. Cycling or motoring on the college vernadahs or on the path in the lawn is strictly prohibited.
  3. Spitting on the walls, floors, pillars or doors of the college is strictly prohibited. Disfiguring of the walls is an offence. Students are to safeguard the college property with care and sincerity. Students responsible for damage of College property are liable to compensate the loss of such property and may be handed over to the police.
  4. Students should invariably stand in a queue while they are waiting near the counter for depositing their tuition fees or for any other purpose.
  5. No club or society should be started or maintained in the college without prior approval of the Principal.
  6. Continuous absence without sufficient reason for one week or more on  the part of a student is a serious offence and the name of the concerned students may be struck off from  the college register.
  7. All applications in connection with official work such as accomodation, payment of dues and exemption from fines, for re-admission should be routed through the proper channel.
  8. The result of the student who absents himself/herself from any terminal examination without-obtaining permission from the Principal will be withheld.

College Hours

A printed time table showing the details of classes is supplied to the students every year. The College hour is from 7 A.M.  to 1 P.M. with  45 minutes duration of each period. 


Every student of Higher Secondary Course is ipso facto a registered student of the Council of Higher Secondary Education. On first admission into H.S. classes or on  admission after migration a student pays  prescribed fee for registration. The registration is essential for admission to the examinations of Council of Higher Secondary Education. The registration receipt is an important document and should be preserved by the students with utmost care. The registration receipt is to be produced at the time of filling up application form for final examination.

When the name of a student is struck off from the rolls of the college for default in payment of the prescribed college dues or for any other reason he/she may be readmitted after paying re-entry fee subject to the permission by the principal.



Each year a student is required to attend  a minimum of 75% of lectures in each subject  in order to be eligible for promotion to the next higher class or being sent up for the Council Examinations. The Council may however, condone deficiency in attendance to the extent of 15% only in exceptional cases. There is no law to help a student in  case his/her percentage of attendance falls below the minimum of 60% during an academic year. Students are advised to bear this fact in mind and not to absent themselves from attending classes otherwise they may be detained irrespective of their performance in examinations. The Council may also grant condonation to a further extent of 5% in case of those who are deputed by the College  for any purpose. Unless students have 75% attendance in the theory classes they shall not be permitted to attend the practical classes.

Entry of Name in Registers

Students have to attend-(a) general lectures and they are advised to note section and practical group assigned to them. The Name/Roll No. of every student is entered in the registers for general lectures and practical classes. It is the duty of a student to ensure his Name/Roll No. has been entered in the appropriate registers.  Discripancy, if any  should be brought to the notice of the Principal in writing.  Any complaint at a later stage shall not be entertained.