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College Election

  • Elections of different offices shall be held on such date and in such manner as directed by the government.
  • During the period of Election right from Notice for Election to Oath taking ceremony, the following guidelines should be followed as per letter No-1. HE/ Adm-26/2001.51083 dated 15-9.2000.
    • The students contesting for different posts can not put hoarding and posters. College Authority shall affix hoarding at conspicuous places indicating the name of the candidates/posts for which they are contesting. The expenditure on this account shall be borne by the  college union / associations, as the case may be.
    • Election results may be published by the college authority and big posters containing the names of elected candidates shall be affixed at the conspicuous places of the college.
    • A student convicted by any court of Law can not contest the election.
    • A student who does not have 75% attendance in the class can not contest for any post.
    • If any contesting candidate indulges in violent activities to intimidate the student to vote for him her he/she will be disqualified and his/her candidature shall stand cancelled. Only bonafide students of Ravenshaw Junior College, are allowed to contest in the College Election.
  • The office bearers, who are students of 2nd year Higher Secondary class shall be deemed to  vacate their respective office on the first date officially fixed for collection of CHSE examination fees . and submission of final application forms for courses of Higher Secondary Examination without the payment of late fee. Other office bearers shall be deemed to  vacate their offices on the date the college closes for Summer vacation.
  • Any office-bearer, if he fails to discharge his duties properly, may be removed from office,
    • by the Principal or
    • by a vote of no confidence passed in a general body meeting of the Association by not less than 50 per cent of the members of Association.
  • All office-bearers shall hold office for the entire academic session unless they.
    • cease to be students of the college.
    • voluntarily resign in writing addressed to the Principal.
    • are removed as provided in Rule-12.
    • have vacated the office as provided in Rule.11.
  • The Principal shall be final authority in matters relating to election