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Proctorial System

Proctorial system has been introduced for developing intimate relationship between the students and teachers for timely guidance and advice in academic and other matters. About 30 to 40  students are entrusted to a teacher whom the students meet to put forth their problems. Moreover,the academic performance, attendance in classes and other matters in respect of every student is sent to the guardians once in a term. Necessary guidelines for the duties and functions of the proctors are reproduced below for implementation.

(a) Every student will be assigned to a proctor who shall always be a member of the teaching staff.

(b) The student shall meet the proctor  on fixed dates or as many times as necessary to discuss his/her difficulties and problems. A regular period should be provided in the general time table once in a week for this purpose subject to the availability of rooms.

(c) The students shall furnish the required information to the proctor for maintenance of  proctorial record.

(d) No student shall ordinarily leave the headquarters without informing the proctor / Counsellor.

(e) Any adverse report against a student by the proctor will be seriously viewed.

(f) Promotion  in the College Examinations,  issue of the final conduct and the transfer certificate  will  be based on the proctorial record of a student.


Important : Students are advised to note that proctors are their guardians in the college. They must be in touch with their proctor and seek their help and guidance whenever required. This  is necessary to maintain a healthy academic environment in the insititution.